Thursday, 4 November 2010

Warning if you surf for traffic or use safelists

I have in the past two days come accros a virus contained in an executable file that has opened when clicking on a safelist mailing and within a traffic exchange site. The .exe file contains a program called 'smart engine' the logo is two linked cogs, it is desguised as a windows security pop-up that advises you to take action to avoid several high level threats to your pc, if you click on this you will download the virus onto your system - my advice is to simply close it without clicking If you do download it you will not be able to remove the .exe file manually, you will have to use your security software to remove it. The virus once installed on your pc will continually provide bogus pop-up warnings that your pc is infected and telling you to click to remove, when you click the program re-directs to a sales page, which I am sure is also bogus. Be warned and look out for this!

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