Getting Started

Usually individuals are keen to get started and believe (mainly due to all the 'hyped-up' websites) that they will see cash rolling into their accounts, as soon as a business opportunity is presented to new customers or Internet 'traffic'. With this firmly in their minds we are often 'duped' into joining (often with a subscription charge) an opportunity which promises wealth for very little of our time, there then becomes a period of disillusionment where time passes and despite a lot of effort the new 'enrollees' are failing to appear in our 'down-line' - which is the whole basis upon which we are paid under the commissions structure or 'compensation plan' attached to the business.

A better way to do this, and for no cost apart from your time and Internet connection, is to build both your customer base (traffic) and your 'down-line' members BEFORE you actually join a business opportunity. This way, when you have a customer base, and a ready and waiting down-line membership, you can join a business, pay your subscription, your down-line members do the same, your traffic is ready and waiting to receive your advertising (often free at the start) and you are now all set to start EARNING that cash! All of your thoughts and efforts now go directly into making more worries about trying to sell your opportunity before your next subscription charge is due! So how is this possible to achieve?

You need something to attract people to join your team! This has to be both free and easy to use!

Click on one of the team building banners on any of my blog pages, although this appears very much the same as a typical business opportunity, it is different in that it only builds your down-line members - it is not intended to do anything else at this stage - it simply creates your entire down-line membership team, completely free for you and completely free for them!

Where this is also different to other down-line builders or list building sites, is you will also learn how to promote to customers, give this a serious six month trial and you WILL learn enough about Internet marketing to be confident in promoting ANY business opportunity - completely free of charge! No cost to you, zero, zip, nada, nil, nothing!