Traffic and other stories!

If you are enjoying reading this and other associated blogs on the internet related to making money online, you probably have by now realised that without Traffic (customers) your business/promotion, list building or blog/website will remain starved and gradually it will dwindle, you will get dismayed by your lack of success and leave your blog to the mercy of cyberspace! But it doesn't have to be like that! There are some simple ways to get more traffic to your blog/website, that is free, and requires little effort.

As this whole blog is supposed to be about simplicity, I shall not go into great detail regarding seo (search engine optimization), if you really want to know this in greater detail, use the internet search system and look it up! There is plenty of reading regarding that subject, for now though to help to increase the popularity of your blog/website you will need to create links on other sites (blogs or websites) that will 'point' back to your site. This is as simple as finding another site which has the same or very similar subject matter to your own, you then read that site, get to know what the author is saying, formulate a constructive viewpoint and write a comment about one of the posts, you then leave your name, your e-mail (not shared) and the url of the website you want to link back to, you then wait for the site owner to approve your comment. The advantage of doing this is two fold, one, the search engines like to see links back to your site, it shows there is a popularity for it, the second is that anyone reading your comment can link directly back to your site to read further - so make your comments relevant to your site, relevant to the site post you are commenting on, and ensure it is a constructive, well written comment. There is no limit to the amount of these comments you can leave, and the more you add accross more sites, the better your blog is likely to do in the search engine and in reader popularity.

Now, finding related blogs can take some time, then reading and commenting will take further time (although this is all time very well spent, it is in no way wasted, you will only waste time for yourself and others by leaving unhelpful comments over hundreds of sites - which will not benefit you at all, in fact it could damage your reputation as a blog author and any subsequent blogs you write are likely to suffer from a lack in popularity!)

To assist you in speeding up the process is a little tool that will pick out sites for you to comment against 'automatically', and there is a free version, I am not providing a link because I do not think the tool is wholly necessary, but it does have value if you want to create a lot of links over a short a space of time as possible, but I must stress, do not try to save time by leaving poor comments, your comment content is absolutely essential for success. Pop a search into your browser for 'comment hut', then explore.

So how many 'backlinks' should you provide per blog, I suggest you start with 5/10, then once a week look for another few sites to link to and gradually build up your backlinks at no more than half a dozen a week, this way you will allow your blog to 'develop' over time as naturally as it is supposed to do.


Another way to increase traffic to your site is to ensure you regularly 'ping' your blog url to other site search engines etc, the only way to do this is to visit as many sites that provide 'pinging' services (it doesn't cost anything) and you then enter your url and ping it out to as many sites as you wish to or you can be selective as to which sites you ping, the sites pinged will then be alerted to your blog/website and be more likely to visit it and rate your blog/website, you should ping as often as you update your blog, especially after a lot of activity such as recieving several comments to your posts. You can search in your browser for pinging services such as 'Ping-o-matic' and 'Pingler'.