Create your down-line, build your customers

A very quick re-cap, we have joined and created our very own 'business' - designed ONLY to gain new members to also join, and so create your very own, personal down-line or 'team'.

So where will your new members come from?

Your advertising efforts! Panic sets in, OMG that wicked four letter word 'work', yes this is a business and yes you have to 'work' at it, in order for it to 'work' for you, not now and maybe not in the next 6 months will you see any income generation, but what you will see (provided your efforts now are continual, daily and most importantly CONSISTENT), if you can honestly only spare 8 hours a week over say 3 days, then ensure you do exactly the same things on each of those days to promote your business, and do them without fail, be CONSISTENT and you WILL succeed. Although, as I said you will not see any income generation, what you will see is your down-line membership gradually building - and it is this membership that will become your income generator! When it is all in place and ready to be put to work the money will start to roll in! Most online marketing cannot create instant wealth...but it is extremely good at creating a 'residual' wealth, ie: you start to get paid in the future (according to effort remember) for work you do NOW.

There are many ways to advertise a business to prospective members and customers alike, but there is definitely one in which you should start first, adding others only after you are completely confident in the understanding of getting the most out of the first method. Before I explain further I would like to point out that the Internet is unique in that it allows you to 'stack' or 'build' advertising, to be used later on, if you stick to this plan religiously, without allowing yourself to be taken in by high-profile sites promising the earth tomorrow, you will end up with both a team to position into a paying business, and a huge stack of advertising just itching to be sent out to hungry customers who will continue to build your team further, buy your products and create the wealth generating business that this is all pointing towards.

My favorite starting place and a fantastic way to learn how to advertise online is with Traffic Exchange sites, I will just explain how they work very briefly, you will get all the information you need (and more) from any of these sites themselves. The idea behind a Traffic Exchange is that you surf the web (view sites for a set countdown timer) and in exchange you are awarded credits that you can spend against advertising your site(s) in the same way. Simple! One site stands out against all the others (I currently use around 30, hundreds exist!) and I have provided a button so you can easily go take a look and familiarise yourself, what is so special about this site is that it increases your click ratio the more you surf very quickly, you start with 1 credit earned per site viewed, I have been surfing with a ratio of over 13 credits per site viewed and currently have 30,000+ credits achieved over just a few days surfing! You have to add one site minimum and auto-allocate 50% of your credits to use straight away in advertising, if you do this over many hours and many sites you could amass hundreds of thousands in credits over months!

Create your own banner at!

So you join this one Traffic Exchange site, advertise your free team building site to prospects who will view it and join up to create your down-line team, at the same time you start to 'stack' advertising credits for future use against a business opportunity that you will eventually join along with your whole team, you will then be poised to advertise to a huge community straight, imagine doing this, consistently, with many traffic exchange sites (remember I use 30+).  This is easily achievable with a browser like FireFox Mozilla, as FireFox can remember all your surfing tabs from one session to the next, you can create a massive bookmarking tab for all your sites (for ease of use I separate my business's and tab those along the tool bar).  If you haven't quite grasped the meaning here just go back and read through again!

How to earn while you learn with Traffic Exchanges!
Up until now I have been talking about learning without earning, but there are ways you can earn as well, still free, no cost involved to you, nil, zip, nowt and nada!  This is really very simple, and something that you only need to set up once (ok, it'll take you time, like a few hours depending on how much you want to increase your chances of making money ((which you use against even more advertising)) while you promote your team building site), then you simply continue to use as many traffic exchanges as you wish to, generally I surf about 12 sites one day, 12 more the next up to around 30 then start the cycle again, advertising the business, amassing credits for future use and having the opportunity to make money while doing so!  Go back to the High Hits button, open the site in a new tab and come back, take a look at the tabs on the far left within the site main page (you will only see this if you have joined the site as I suggested!), go down to the one that says 'Down-line Builder' and click on it, you will see as you scroll down many banners of other traffic exchange sites, you can click in these one at a time to join up for them, just as you did for this one, they are all free to join (simply ignore the initial offers to upgrade, they all include a payable upgrade link), and simply follow the instructions to join each one and then add your own referral id (usually found under the 'Promote' tab or on some sites 'Affiliate Link' tab). When you have done all this you then promote your High Hits site by advertising it withing the traffic exchange sites you have just joined, all will allow you to add a minimum of 3 websites, so you can add your team building site along with your high hits site on all of those exchanges.  Now you have set that up, every time someone joins your advertised high hits site, they will be added to your high hits down-line, if they then sign up to the other sites in the down-line tab they will be added under you!

A lot to take in I know, but what all this amounts to in the end is enough credits, enough cash to convert into more advertising, duplicate this across multiple sites and you really will have a massive amount of advertising clout when you will really need it to make the moolah!