For myself this constitutes a life-time study, Positive Mental Attitude or if you prefer Positive Mental Awareness.

The key issues here is a study if not only in positivity and it's affects, both on us as individuals and also it's affects on whole communities, counties, countries. But also a study into the opposite.

Positivity breeds success, it also 'attracts' success, in all aspects of our lives not just monetary.

If you act and react to every situation in a positive way, then nothing but positivity will return to you. This of course is not finite, and it requires a great deal of reflection to understand let alone to master.

Even more difficult is the understanding that there has to be a complete denial that the opposite even exists! If this is achieved then nothing but positive circumstance....success, and everything that comes with it, will be 'attracted' to us.

This is a key element in the understanding of the greater principle of the Law of Attraction.

If for example, an individual has the intention of promoting world peace, then it is right for them to attend a pro-peace rally, for the entire intention of this is positive. It would not be correct however to attend an anti-war rally, even though the intention is the same, the process involved to get there, the 'reflection' or thought process is completely opposite and will 'attract' an 'opposing' atmosphere to that which is intended.

Think about your own thought processes during your daily life, are you a positive thinking individual? Do you consider yourself to be lucky or successful?

Positivity attracts success and success attracts wealth.

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