Wednesday, 20 October 2010

First steps in building an online business

By far the simplest way to building an income via the internet is by promoting websites that you don't own but either join as a free member or subscribe to as a paid member.  It will become obvious the more you explore various business opportuntities that it is seemingly possible to make money by doing no more than paying a monthly subscription to a site, following 'a few simple steps' and then wait for the cash to come rolling into your paypal/alertpay account!  If only everything was that simple - I am sure if it were then the majority of us would be already wealthy, the economy and offline industries in tatters for lack of staff, (who should by now be living the high life!), so why are we still seeking that elusive 'wealth'?

The answer is simply because like any business offline, an online business takes time to establish and build. There is also a huge learning curve for the majority of us to cope with, this industry is awash with not so scrupulous opportunity that feeds on our desire for (and our belief in) making a fast buck (or preferably a few thousand fast buck!).  If you put a search into your browser for 'make money online' or any similar keywording you will soon discover the myriad of 'opportunity' - however, a warning exists, please do NOT allow yourself to be 'suckered' in by the extremely well designed sites that intend to extract you from your offline 'wealth'!

Happy days exist because there are many ways to creating your very own income completely free of charge!

Although there is also no denying the fact that once you are over at least half of the 'learning curve', once you are confident that you have learnt how to promote to new customers, the next natural step is to start upgrading certain accounts which WILL increase your income.......but that is a long way off!  Start for free, start by realising the first few weeks (maybe months according to your spare time), will be spent LEARNING and not EARNING, at this stage it really doesn't matter how much pure cash you may be prepared to throw at this will do nothing to assist in any wealth generation, the internet is all about information, how to understand it and how to make it work for you.

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